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Over 500,000,000 views on YouTube and Facebook

Growing up in Erin, Ontario, Canada, identical twins Niko and Marko Martinovic realized at a young age

that entertainment was their calling. Starting in the early 90's these two brothers were certified G's in the prank world.

image_6483441 (1).JPG

Fast forward to the 2010's, along with a childhood friend, they created "NELKFILMZ." They would later drop the "FILMZ" part of the name and NELK became one of the most viewed channels of all time. 

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After parting ways with NELK, Marko and Niko created the EvenOut brand of twin prank comedy. Currently they have over 200 million views on YouTube, 1.3 million followers on TikTok, 400 million views on Facebook and 20 million on Instagram. They have also starred in commercials for Canada Trust, The Bay and HGTV.

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